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From quarks or electrons to giant galaxies there are automatic movements everywhere. Even in small or medium firms there are a lot of routine processes that should be performed without any systematic intervention. However the time is a unique moderator that can transform the automatic processes in efficient results. Our solutions should save your time and boost your revenues with optimizing the most of business development activities!FIND OUT MORE

SAP ImplementationWith over 232.000 clients in 188 countries, SAP is the world leader in integrated software solutions for organization management. SAP offers products for all areas and for all aspects of your activity. We also supply the best business specific processes solutions, resource planning solutions (ERP), that increase effectiveness in the organization and accelerated implementation solutions that get a rapid return of the investment.

SAP products and services allow companies worldwide to maximize profit, effectively manage operations and resources and enhance the abilities to adapt to the dynamic of the market for a durable development.
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X-SearchWe are living in the age of Big data: data of unprecedented sizes is becoming ubiquitous, which brings new challenges. With this comes the need to solve optimization problems for increasing of the search speed. Did you know that your employees spend up to half their time looking for specific and relevant information—information they can use to accomplish their tasks? As data and content within your organization grows exponentially, you find yourself in the position of searching for solutions designed to increase productivity of your employees in managing data and finding the answers they need within reach. In many situations, this leads to extra e-orts: more hardware, more people, more time, in other words - more resources, more costs.Details about X-Search ...

aSISt EBA ITSaSISt is a tool which enables the banks to prepare reports in an XBRL format but also to reconcile COREP and FINREP reports.

The application deals with the full reporting cycle:
- data input
- editing and completion
- report verification and reconciliation
- validation and archiving
- report transfer
- correction of historical reports

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MetRisQMetRisQ stands for Metrics for Risk Quantification and is the world's first software solution to implement the leading edge Risk Accounting method. Risk Accounting is a risk exposure quantification method designed to bring a more intelligible numeric dimension to risk oversight. It is a revolutionary method of quantifying risk exposures in a quantitative manner, thus providing more dynamic and actionable information to the management in respect to the evolution of exposure concentration, mitigation effectiveness and risk appetite.

Today's world is so obsessed with generating short term revenues and profits that, most of the time, innovation gets in the way.  Innovation takes time and resources which very few are prepared to allocate with a view to potential revenues and profits. 
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Plenary TMDue to its high dynamics and specific regulation frame, the banking sector needs tailor made solutions and expertise to address the need for compliance, real-time visibility and fast response to changes.

All these are required for managing mission critical processes while mitigating any financial, legal or operational risk. Our BPM accelerator solutions are supporting the banking sector in its transformation initiatives with top EA expertise and innovative process automation solutions.
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Our goal is to capture the essence of latest technologies regarding business automation and cyber security in order to provide valuable consultancy for any company who wants to take a step into the next level.

We would like to support you in implementing technical solutions in order to adapt your business framework to the market dynamics. 

We try to fill some company's timeline gaps through intuitive consultancy and customized training programs. Despite the evolution of process automation, due to increasing number and complexity of tasks, we consider that companies should continuously predict and try to mitigate any hypothetical blocking.

An optimal solution is the use of high-end technologies for the most sensitive areas such as big data administration, security maintenance, decision making and process integration. 

Integrity - we do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

Perfectionism - we can adjust any task until we meet exactly our customer need.

Accountability - we take responsibility for any action accomplished.

Cooperation - we work together to achieve the goals.

Passion - our energy and enthusiasm are contagious.


It doesn't matter your business shape,
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